The Bahrain Victorious Scorpions are set to defend their team title at the Super League Triathlon Championship Series.

Bahrain Victorious 13 kicked things off in 2022 becoming the first entity to own an SLT team; with a formidable roster led by Georgia Taylor-Brown who defended her championship title, the Bahrain Victorious Scorpions brought in the overall team win.

Today, Super League Triathlon has announced a full roster of team owners inspired by this success.

The 2023 Teams are:

  • Bahrain Victorious Scorpions managed by Chris McCormack and Michael Gilliam
  • Santara Eagles managed by Tim Don
  • RTS Warriors managed by Nick Chase and Adam Meredith
  • RTP Sharks managed by Michelle Dillon and Stuart Hayes

Super League Triathlon has also unveiled further innovations on the team concept including an enhanced scoring system, new athlete recruitment procedures, and a brand refresh for all the teams as team owners and managers help drive the development and direction of the series.

In 2023, all athlete points accumulated via the Individual and Discipline Leaderboards will count towards the Teams Leaderboard. The 2023 Championship Series boasts a total prize pool of $1.24 million, with Teams enjoying a prize pot of $300,000, which helps to ensure the development of young athletes who are in the earlier stages of their careers and not yet earning significant prize money through individual racing.

The complete roster of each team will be announced in two weeks. In Super League Triathlon, Bahrain Victorious features members of the broader Bahrain Victorious 13 team alongside short course stars that uphold its winning culture and support the broader focus of continued success. Bahrain Victorious 13’s roster of athletes competing in Super League Triathlon include these world champions and Olympic medallists: Georgia Taylor-Brown, Cassandre Beaugrand, Hayden Wilde, Henri Schoeman, and Vincent Luis.

Bahrain Victorious Scorpions team manager Chris McCormack says, “We expect nothing less than to defend all our titles in 2023. The focus is to clean sweep all the title offerings at SLT, including the male and female overall and of course the team title. We are called Bahrain Victorious for a reason, and we won’t be happy with anything less than a complete defence of our place on top of SLT in 2023.”

The Super League Triathlon 2023 Championship Series will take place across three continents and three months: London, UK on August 27; Toulouse, France on September 3; Malibu, USA on September 30; and concluding in the Grand Final in NEOM, Saudi Arabia on October 21.