Ben Hoffman’s hard work, consistency, and passion for his craft has moved him right up to the top of the sport in Ironman racing. Possessing huge bike power and the ability to run super fast marathon times off a tough bike ride, he is a very dangerous racer over the distance. He recorded the first sub-8 hour Ironman performance in Africa during his title defense last year, winning it on the marathon. A wily competitor, Ben knows exactly when to pull out all the stops.

Bahrain Endurance 13 identified him as the best USA talent who could deliver at the highest level, race in North America to huge success, and be a Top 5 racer in Kona. Since joining the team in Year One, “Bahrain Ben” has finished 4th in Kona and dominated the Ironman South African Championship, all the while bringing a sense of humor and work ethic that is contagious and has become the standard now on the team.