Terenzo Bozzone is set to take on two weekends of racing, beginning with Ironman Western Australia this weekend followed by Ironman 70.3 Bahrain next week.

Bozzone has won over 25 half-ironman titles, but knows he can still squeeze more out of his performances over the full ironman. “I am yet to execute an Ironman race to what I think I am capable of and I look forward to seeing if I can have my race in Busselton on the weekend,” he says.

“After having to pull out of the marathon at the ironman world champs in Kona in October I have been trying to get to the bottom of why my body has been swelling so badly in hard, hot races,” he admits. “We have managed to eliminate a lot of things and racing IMWA this weekend will be a great opportunity to see if we have gotten to the bottom of this issue.”

The Kiwi athlete known for racing two or three half-ironmans back-to-back faces a much tougher challenge to put together a solid performance at an ironman and back it up a week later with a half. Yet he relishes the chance to push his limits. “I love racing in Western Australia and this should help my time clock in getting ready for Bahrain the following weekend.”