Unfortunately big disappointments are a part of our job, any job, and also in our lives. I would define two types of the biggest disappointments in triathlon – injuries is one.
Injuries: This is the worst part of our job! When you cannot do what you want and need to do, which is training everyday. I cannot deny it is mentally hard, I am used to training everyday, at that in my life (pre 2016 Olympic Games bike accident) it was what I missed the most, the routine, jumping in the pool for a swim, a nice ride or an easy run. Even just for the pleasure of doing exercise. In the end, racing is just an opportunity to put together our daily training and hard work. I would say managing these situations is not my strength, therefore giving advice is not easy. Anyhow, I would suggest to try and overcome the frustrating situation by adjust training and racing plans while trying to think positively and create new goals. Sometimes it can be good to get away from triathlon for a bit to clear the head. I enjoy doing different activities that I usually don’t have time for, such us playing guitar, reading, traveling and spending time with my family and friends.