In our sport we live in a very demanding routine where sometimes being second is not fulfilling, mostly this would happen when you feel that you are really fit and you have been working hard for a goal. Other times a third place can be very satisfying, if you have been struggling on the built-up to the race or you know you are not 100% yet. In any case, when a big disappointment comes it tends to be because you have not performed as you were expecting, consequently, to your training, the result is wrong, I would normally give myself a few days to reflect, analyze why different things happened, address the mistakes, and aim to learn from them in the upcoming races. I have to admit that when I feel really disappointed with a result, I naturally tend to train more, or harder in the following weeks, I would say it is not always the right thing to do, but at the time I want to improve the things that went wrong and get a better result in the next race.