What model of bike do you ride?

I am going to use 3 models during the season depending on the bike race course. S-works Tarmac, S-works Vias and S-works Shiv.


Why this one?

I love these 3 models, but all 3 have different specs that make them suits perfect depending each race course. This is good thing of having an sponsor with a wide range of product.

Tarmac: I will use is for non-drafting races for hilly and technical race coruses

Vias: It is a very fast bike that perfectly suit for a flat and speedy non-drafting races

Shiv: My TT bike for non-drafting races.

For the training, I will swap bikes depending which is the next race to come during the year


How did you get the perfect set-up?

Working in the wind tunnel and bike fitting in Morgan Hill with specialized engineers, then you always do some adjustments while riding into reality to find the balance between aero position and comfortability.


What aero/wind tunnel testing have you been involved in, if any?

I have been in Morgan Hill 3 times, where Specialized owns a wind tunnel. I have worked in my my aero position, length of the cranks, etc.


Tell us a little bit more about the following:

  1. Wheels

Depending on each race course, if you are training or racing, wind conditions, etc then I choose the right ROVAL wheels

  1. Frame

As I mentioned before I use 3 different frames, each of them give me different features

  1. Gears

Normally 39×52 and 11×23 for the road bike, 52-42 and 11×21 for TT bike

  1. Nutrition storage

Not in road bike

  1. Riding position/saddle

Specialized saddles

  1. Any personal/unique modifications?

Not really, just adjusting position to my feelings