I always compare my body to a car; if you put in the wrong fuel you’re not going to go anywhere. The right fuel isn’t just important to get your sessions done; nutrition is also a big factor for recovery.  It doesn’t come down to race day either. Your nutrition starts in the lead up to each race. It’s about how and what you fuel your body with on a regular basis.

It took me nearly four years to figure out what I need for Ironman racing. I used to struggle to get enough calories on the bike, which meant I was always short on energy on the run. However, since I started working with dietician Darryl Griffiths from Shotz Sports Nutrition Australia, I know exactly what I need to consume and how often throughout each race.

I try to keep my daily diet very clean. It usually involves fresh fruit and vegetables that I get from the markets each week and a mix of proteins such as steak and chicken from the local butcher. Some of my friends call my cooking boring but that’s how I like it – simple, plain and quick.

For those looking to improve their performance during racing, I’d recommend the following tips for a base line day to day;

  • Avoid fast food/ microwave meals or any other processed nutrition
  • Lower your sugar intake including all the hidden sugars in products such as tomato sauce, canned food etc.
  • Stay clear of low fat products, as these are generally really rich in sugar content
  • Always read your labels. If there are more than three ingredients, or loads of numbers or words you can’t understand, that’s usually a good indication to leave it on the shelf.