Race #15
Terenzo Bozzone (NZL)
Age: 32

2 finishes out of 4 starts

2009  11th
2010  20th
2014  DNF
2016  DNF

Is the extra media/sponsor circus during race week a welcome distraction or a hindrance to preparations? 

What do you mean extra media circus? This is my life on a daily basis . . . sponsors, media, training, recovery, emails, cooking, husbanding, fathering. At least during race week the family know I have a job to do and help me achieve optimum state of mind.

Is there anything in particular that you need to go right during race week. Or last workout sessions you swear by? 

Its always nice to hit peak numbers in training leading into big races and Kona is no exception, but over the years different states of fitness and states of mind have been present and I am yet to find the best formula. I feel in a good place mentally and physically and can’t wait to see how this state allows me to unleash my preparation.


How many devices do you have set to wake you on race morning and what are they? 

Three – 2 phones and a person who wakes up automatically at 3am to make sure I am up at 3:30 with coffee and breakfast.